Energy Medicine
to Reignite the Soul

Maximizing Human Potential 

from the Inside Out.

Mind-Body Medicine with Elena

Personal Revolutions


If you could wake up tomorrow in an ideal world, what would it look like? 

What would you change? Who would you be with? Where would you be? What would you be doing? 

Sometimes it's enough to know what  you're ready to be finished with. Most of us already know who and what these parts of our lives are, even if only subconsciously.

This is where my work comes in. 

It changes people. It changes people deeply and for the better. It takes a microscope to the layers of the mind and the way they interact with reality and then quickly, precisely restructures mental components to more functional states of health and joy.


There are none.

Everyone from every background is welcome and can receive exactly the same kinds of benefits. Whether you believe in energy medicine or not, whether you have been a spiritual or scientific crusader for decades or not, it's all the same. Mind-body medicine is universal. 

The kind of Energy Medicine I offer contains the core techniques of many world religions and wisdom traditions. It's free of metaphysical trappings unless you specifically ask for them. 

The three main understandings I bring to each session are:

  • Our reality is an interface of mind and matter.
  • Most of our reality is created and governed by a complex system of beliefs and data that is inaccessible to the ordinary conscious waking mind.
  • Our reality changes when our mind changes.

My job then is to facilitate these deep-seeded changes and to empower you to do the same.

The Journey



For an hour or 90 minutes, you are immersed in private personal transformation. 

During that time, whether we're on the phone or in a therapy room together, make sure you won't be disturbed, dress comfortably, and prepare to sit and recline as needed. 

Some of our time together is in conversation and the rest is dedicated to one or more of the energy medicine practices. I'm a "hands off" healer, so even if we're in person, there's no physical contact during the session. It's similar in that way to seeing a therapist.

Energy Medicine comes in many forms. Some sessions are 100% conversation, others are 100% energy work, and most are somewhere in between. 

Guided meditations are almost always a part, and there's plenty of time to ask questions and get answers from your soul's vantage point. 

Rarely has someone needed more than 90 minutes to feel a significant resolution to what they came in with.


Who I Am

When I first started to question what the human mind was really capable of, I was a student athlete trying to improve my game and figure the whole life thing out. In quiet moments, I would dive into my campus library stacks to explore texts on Gnostic Christianity, Taoist philosophy, Chaos theory... 

And there, in the library basement, I started to learn things that couldn't be put into words. The books took me to a nonverbal place of exhilaration and beauty that was steadily seeping into daily life and building up tremendous pressure within my internal landscape.

Simultaneously at cross country races and track and field meets, I couldn't help but notice that if an athlete's mental game was off, you could bet she was going to lose that race. On one hand, of course the outcome was just common sense, but on the other, it was a question that wouldn't leave me alone: why could a mental state so easily override physical conditioning?

Equally out of ego-driven competitiveness and the insatiable existential urge welling up inside, my search for explanatory models and practical applications of the cause-effect continuum only became more intense. 

Then, in the wake of my first heartbreak, by luck, fate, or destiny as you would have it, I was gifted with a peak experience that changed absolutely everything. It brought me to my knees, splaying the benevolent cosmometry of the universe kaleidoscopically through my consciousness before pointing back to "mundane" reality and saying "now use this precious life to develop the agility to know every moment as this."

In time, I would travel the world absorbing all I could from experts in the most diverse of fields...from particle physicists to monks, medical doctors, indigenous shamans and a vast host of practitioners and philosophers in between. 

Through a decade and a half of trial, error, and success built upon the shoulders of great healers and visionaries, I have synthesized and integrated simple formats of energy medicine that efficiently and effectively enhance mind-body health, performance, peace of mind, and human potential. 

This is for everyone.



Real-World Applications

Over the hundreds of clients I've worked with and thousands of hours devoted to personal practice, I can tell you that energy medicine works. 

And thankfully these days, modern science is funding the right kind of research to support such claims. 

My clients and I use these healing techniques to repair injuries and illness, heal deep rooted trauma, connect with lost loved ones,  overcome addictions, create meaning and purpose in life, discover superpowers and magnetize countless other gifts. 

Chances are, what you've been searching for has been searching for you too, and one session may be all it takes to unlock your destiny. 

Send me a message to request an appointment or ask a question. 

I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

If for some reason we're not a good fit, I'm always happy to recommend another healer or alternative medicine practitioner who might be.


Questions / Appointments

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Maximizing human potential from the inside out.







By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment



60 minute ($140) and 90 minute ($200) remote (Skype, FaceTime, phone) appointments can be made Monday-Thursday within the hours of 11:00 am and 8:00 pm EST. 


Payment accepted via PayPal and personal check. 

Please give 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule.